Building Oak beams and oak flooring into your home

Oak Beams: Timeless Quality

Oak beams have been used for construction in the UK since the eighteenth century. They are strong and durable and, as wood, have very good insulating properties. In addition, they are very economical and readily available. Since they are strong and well-anchored, oak beams are not susceptible to warping or rotting and hence can be used for many decades. They are resistant to insects and decay, and hence require little maintenance. The grain of the wood gives oak beams an attractive grain pattern and adds to their strength.

oak beams

One of the drawbacks of oak beams is that they can be easily damaged if they become badly stained. Therefore, it is necessary to protect them with a stain such as Ebony. Blackening the timber is achieved by applying an acid, usually tannic acid, to it with a brush or sponge dipped in water. This process is called blackening. Certain chemicals, such as those used in the manufacture of paint, also serve to blacken metals.

Oak beams price

A single oak beams costs around £10 but this depends on the size and measurements too. There are two types of treatments for oak beams: hardwood and softwood. Hardwood oak beams are covered with a complex application of hard coating, generally tannic acid or calcined lime, which darkens the wood and increases its resistance to moisture and pests. Oak has many varieties and each is suitable for a particular treatment. Hardwood oak beams are generally constructed without facing. Face frame construction is more successful for low slope and hilly sites.

A second popular method of treating oak beams is done with crushed walnut. For this treatment, oak beams are first made pliable. Then, using wood ash, they are cut into pieces just large enough to accommodate slats of gypsum board attached at regular intervals. The pieces are then placed on top of the oak beams. The gypsum board helps prevent expansion and contraction due to changing temperatures.

oak beams and solid oak flooring techniques

The third oak treatment is air dried. Air dyes are used to treat oak beams and oak flooring. Dyes absorb moisture and heat from the atmosphere and change color. The resulting product is an impermeable material that allows moisture vapor to escape quickly from the wood and trap any organic matter that was trapped below it.

Oak wood is very strong. Modern construction techniques have improved the hardness of oak beams especially in oak flooring. Even though wood beams are very expensive, they have a high profit margin when compared to alternative materials like vinyl. Due to their strength, quality oak beams are still generally used as flooring and roofing components where durability and aesthetics are important concerns.

Air dried oak beam

If you want to preserve the rich character of oak beams, you may use them for other purposes. If you are looking to create a distinctive ambience in your home, you can darken old beams by applying a finish. The darkening effect is achieved by using an oxygen-based acrylic varnish or stain. The effect will make the timber appear blackened. If you have a passion for horticulture and growing your own herbs and vegetables, you can create herbal horticultural planters using oak wood as a substrate.

Creating wooden planter boxes using sawn oak beams and planed oak beams can be a fun activity for the entire family. To ensure a long life span for these planed oak beams, you should paint each board using a water-based sealer every few years. This will protect the wood and prevent it from drying out.

Cedar cladding with oak beams

If you want to build a chicken coop for your hens, you can cover the opening with PVC tubing and affix the chicken wire along the bottom. Using timbers that are treated with a lumber sealer, you can affix a PVC trim around the perimeter and secure it with galvanized screws. You can also paint the inside of the door with a darker color to prevent moisture from entering through the door.

As a home owner or builder, you need to take care of your property properly especially when it comes to the structure of your house. While some materials are more durable than others, there is no substitute to quality when it comes to oak beams. These timbers are strong and can support heavy loads. For this reason, homeowners who have oak beams in their homes should perform regular maintenance and repairs as needed.

Maintaining your ash wood is simple. You can paint them with a white or off white to match your exterior paint and use wood preservatives to prevent damage. When you see signs of damage such as splintering, you should immediately remove the damaged section and replace it with a new section that is straight and aligned properly. Wood beams can also be treated with a lumber sealer to prevent further damage or shrinkage.